Systems Department
Computer and Teleinformation Networks

ul. Świerkowa 20 B
15-328 Białystok
tel. 857457095
tel. 857457777


Eduroam coverage map of the University of Bialystok

Locations for access to the eduroam University of Bialystok

  • 1.Institute of Chemistry
  • 2.Institute of Biology
  • 3.Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • 4.Faculty of Physics
  • 5.Faculty of Philology
  • 6.Faculty of History and Sociology
  • 7.The building of the Rector's Office
  • 8.Faculty of Law
  • 9.Faculty of Economics and Management
  • 10.Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
  • 11.Aula of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
  • 12.Library of the UB