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Eduroam network configuration for students in Windows 8.1

Eduroam configuration in Windows 8.1 using the system configuration wizard

1. In the Control Panel, we call the "Network and sharing center"options. Then, to change the network settings, click on the "Set up a new connection or network".

2. In order to create a new network profile in the window"Choose a connectio option" click "Manually connect to a wirless network".

3. We introduce the information about the network as in the figure below.

4. In the "Eduroam added successfully"window, select the "Change connection settings" .

5. In the "eduroam - Wirless Network Properties" tab, set the "Security" tab as shown below

6. After selecting "Settings", the"TTLS Properties"window will appear, where you should set the options as in the picture below.

7. Returning to the box from the 5th point, press the"Advanced settings" set in the first tab as in the picture below. In some cases, you must set the authentication only to the user.

8. In the same window but in the second tab set as below.

9. Connect to the newly created and configured network.

10. The first time you connect to a wireless network called "eduroam", a window will appear in which you should enter your ID"" and a password from the USOS.