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Eduroam network configuration for students in Windows 10

Eduroam configuration in Windows 10 using the system configuration wizard

1. Go to the Control Panel.

2. Then go to the tab "network and internet".

3. Then enter the "network center and sharing center".

4. Click on "set up a new connection or a network".

5. From the window, select "Manual connection to a wireless network" and configure as below.

6. Then choose "change connection settings".

7. Next, in the newly opened window, go to the "security" tab.

8. Configure as below.

9. From the eighth point, go to Settings and choose as in the picture.

10. From the eighth point, we choose "advanced settings" and configure as below.

11. Click on "save credentials" and fill in empty fields: username is and password is for usosa.

12. Then we close all windows by clicking "OK" and enter our wireless networks.

13. Then click on "eduroam" and click connect and confirm the connection with the certificate by clicking "connect".

14. We have Wi-Fi connection with the "eduroam" network