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Eduroam network configuration for students - iPhone, iPada, Maca

In order to connect the iPhone, iPad and Mac devices to the eduroam network, the EAP-TTLS / PAP authentication method must be set. Since these settings can not be changed from the menu of the phone, it is necessary to configure using the previously created file. We download the eduroam UwB.mobileconfig configuration file containing the prepared settings for the eduroam network.

You need to download the configuration file to the device being in a different network than Eduroam then run it and go through a simple configuration step by step entering your login and password. What will connect to the Eduroam network already configured.

At the first attempt to connect to the eduroam network, we will be warned that the"*" certificate is unverified. We approve the certificate. Then we will be asked for login and password. We are supporting login in the form (e.g. and password to USOS.

Apple device owners with IOS 11 should upgrade to 11.1 so they can use mobile config.